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First Class Accounts

C Balsamo

Parent of 2, Long Island, NY

With two boys who are passionate about the game, The Balsamo Family has greatly benefited from FCL!  Deemer connected with my oldest  and a relationship developed over the years.  Charles and John have grown as players and enhanced their skillsets by participating in private/semi-private FCL training, larger FCL group workouts and NetReturn events.  Additionally, both boys have studied FCL Online and enjoyed virtual lacrosse learning and development through film-study, as well.  Deemer has been a great coach, mentor and friend; and he has an excellent group of elite coaches on the FCL team!

S Aitken

Father of 2022 Sweetlax Midfielder & Denver Commit

Deemer Class and FCL have been and continues to be  instrumental for Aidan in multiple fashions. We were introduced to Deemer amid the Covid pandemic and virtually, yet Deemer has treated Aidan as if they have known each other for years. We still haven’t connected in person due to obvious reasons, yet Deemer has taken Aidan’s game to another level. Deemer and FCL have broken down Aidan’s technique over previous video sent, and live video chat sessions frame by frame. Aidan then can go outside in the yard and immediately put the feedback and adjustments in his game. Deemer has a keen eye for exactly what a player needs to fine tune technique to maximize velocity and accuracy!

Having access to a superstar Duke and PLL lacrosse athlete, as well as others, who respond immediately and often, has been so refreshing and simply awesome!

Kevin F


My 13 year old, Miles, took part in his second First Class Lacrosse clinic last weekend in Greensboro. He participated in an offensive clinic last year with Deemer and defense this go around with Matt.  Both times we were extremely impressed with the high amount of activity during the clinic and the high amount of quality instruction that took place. Just as striking though is how friendly and welcoming you guys are. You both represent First Class Lacrosse and yourselves in the best possible way. As a parent, I sincerely appreciate you guys as coaches and role models for Miles. Keep up the great work!

Cory Anderson

Beast Lacrosse Coach (Rec) (Orlando/Oviedo, FL)

First Class Lacrosse is invaluable to me as a coach. I’ve noticed dramatic offensive improvements after incorporating the skills and drills that I’ve learned here into practices.