Introducing First Class Defense

This week’s Coaches Corner is written by All-Pro and Team USA Defenseman, Matt Dunn. Matt most recently was recognized as the PLL Defensive Player of the Year. Matt is going to be leading the charge on First Class Defensive Training:

Introducing First Class Defense

With the launch of our official FCL Defense Instagram page (@fcldefense), I want to take this opportunity to highlight FCL Defense’s principles and objectives. FCL Defense is a comprehensive training tool to guide and empower lacrosse players at all levels. Our goal is to provide the resources necessary for all players to take their next steps in development to accomplish their goals.

Our objective at FCL is to develop players. Our motivation – the “why” of FCL – is to connect with players and pass on a gift that we were fortunate enough to receive. Our staff was blessed with the opportunity to receive great coaching throughout our careers. Particularly at the collegiate level, we were fortunate enough to have coaches that spent the time to teach us how the smallest details can make the biggest differences. We would not be the players or people we are today without this coaching and guidance. The impact it has had on our game cannot be overstated, and we feel passing that knowledge on to players at an early age could set them on a path much higher than ours.

FCL Defense carries the same core principles and methodology upon which FCL was founded, focusing on the training and development of defenders. Our sessions are grounded in the fundamentals of what we believe makes players great. The small details that could benefit any player who chooses to learn and apply them. We want our players to understand what to do, why to do it, and how they can learn to execute it at a high level. We firmly believe that any player that buys into this training process will improve and make strides towards their best.

FCL Defense aims to develop players into complete defenders. Each player has their own unique strengths and abilities. We aspire to give players all the tools to reach the peak of their potential. We focus on communicating as much as covering the ball; sliding as much as defending passing lanes. We want to put perspective around what it means to be a great defender – how to add the most value to your team. Some guys may need to develop their on-ball covering technique and angle play, while others may need to double down on the skill-set necessary to be the “glue guy”. We want players to have a complete and comprehensive understanding of defense and have the ability to fulfill multiple roles.

I am extremely excited to further our defensive training platform and pass along the guidance that has helped shape my career to the next generations of defenders. We hope to cultivate a community of like-minded players that want to learn and get better. Through our social media, website, in-person training, and digital product offerings we hope to have a solution for any player that desires training. Below you can see some of the products and services FCL currently offers. Can’t wait to keep working with you all!

– Coach Dunn

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