Starting September 27, 2020 60 Minutes
September  27th, Greensboro, NC
Oak Ridge Crossfit 8309 Linville rd, Oak ridge, nc 27310
MS footwork 12-1pm
HS Footwork 1-2pm
HS Offense 12-1pm
MS Defense 12-1pm
HS Offense 1-2pm


Offensive Clinic Run by Deemer Class (PLL Chaos)

Defensive Clinic Run by Matt Dunn (PLL Whipsnakes)

Footwork Clinic Run by Jules Heningburg (PLL Redwoods)

This high level session will cover shooting, dodging techniques and offensive concepts required to play at the game’s highest levels. Our methods build from the ground up and can be taught to players of all skill sets.

This high level defensive session will cover stickwork, footwork, defensive principles and more! Our methods have been developed from playing at the highest levels of the game: D1, Professional, and USA events.

These sessions are open to any and all and limited only by factors such as age, gender & grade.

Minimum 4 characters