Starting June 12, 2020 2 Hours

This clinic is hosted and run by coach Deemer Class, USC Women’s Offensive Coordinator, PLL Player and former Duke 3x All American.

This 2 hour camp features some of the top offensive coaches and players in the NCAA & WPLL:
Adam Sear, University of Michigan
Halle Majorana, Villanova
Kenzie Kent, Harvard
Katrina Dowd, UNC


This high level session will cover shooting, dodging techniques and offensive concepts required to play at the game’s highest levels. Our methods build from the ground up and can be taught to players of all skill sets.

The 2 hour clinic will be capped to ensure a 10:1 coach to player ratio, with no more than 80 overall players. Prior to a big tournament tournament weekend in Baltimore, this session will be a great way to learn a ton of new skills for shooting and dodging with some of the top coaches in the country, while ensuring a small group format. Each player will work with every coach at stations, covering specific skills and will be a great way to get reps and tune up for the weekend as well!

Friday, June 12th

Coppermine Turf at Mt. Washington

5602 Cottonworth Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

Classes of 2023-2025 9am-11am
Classes of 2020-2022 11am-1pm

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